Industries and Building Types for Building Controls Contractors

Contracting Projects

Our building controls contracting projects have taken us inside and on top of many different kinds of buildings. While HVAC systems and standard controllers can be used across industries, each building type presents its own unique challenges and opportunities. Here is a brief outline of the building-specific knowledge we bring to every project.


Colleges and universities

  • Experience working with PG&E and other major utilities providers
  • Familiarity with CPUC and California Energy Commission projects

K-12 school sites and district offices

  • Understanding of funding environment
  • Familiarity wih Proposition 39, Zero Net Energy and Quality Schools initiatives
  • Flexible project timing to limit classroom disruption and student/faculty discomfort

Hospitals and medical offices

  • Experience with HIPAA regulations and security requirements
  • Flexible project timing to limit OR and other room interruptions
  • Familiarity with systems that offer secure data transfer

Office buildings and tenant improvements

  • Familiarity with all major and start-up controls brands
  • Experience working with facilities managers and operations employees of varying skillsets
  • Capability to engage on small-scale upgrade projects

Shopping Malls

  • Strong ability to scale a project to address both building and tenant needs
  • Training and extended support programs available

Military bases and government buildings

  • Understanding of highly regulated and highly sensitive environments
  • Experience with complex surveillance and access control systems


  • Experience working in extremely variable temperature environments
  • Familiarity with elevator and access control systems

Data Centers

  • Comfort with highly controlled environment
  • Ability to work on quick turn-around
  • Experience with high redundancy and low downtime

High-rise residential and community living facilities

  • Familiarity with sub-metering and energy dashboarding
  • Expertise in access control and security systems
  • Expertise with multi-tenant buildings