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How one customer integrated 42 shopping malls and saved two times the energy




United States


42,000,000 Sq. Ft.


February 2014



GGP Malls

Energy management at the enterprise level

GGP's plan in 2012 was to integrate HVAC, lighting and power metering in one-third of its shopping centers.

The goal was to achieve energy and labor savings by normalizing the way users and managers access and analyze data.

The problem

Once the integration was complete and the systems were functioning in a common environment, it became clear that more needed to be done. While implementation was successful, it was still a challenge to achieve adoption among managers/users at regional and property levels, as this requires training. As initially developed, the user experience was not intuitive – users did not understand how to impact energy usage, nor did they understand how to effectively update schedules. Challenges included:

  • Creating intuitive, normalized screens for multiple disparate systems.
  • Learning curve of new and existing personnel.
  • Inter-department coordination and communication.
  • Educating third-party controls system contractors on the platform.

The solution

GGP created a task force to redefine user experience and address these issues. The team pulled examples from many industries and upgraded the user interface. Ultimately, together we designed a fully integrated system and managed expectations for those who use it. Our solution helped:

  • User adoption that translates to greater energy savings.
  • User adoption that translates to fewer support calls.
  • Properties normalized and easier for executives to analyze.