Optigo Connect

Designing an advanced OT network for U.S. data centers


Four data centers


Throughout U.S.


2,300,000 Sq. Ft.


June 2015



OT Networks for Data Centers

Completely separate network for HVAC systems

When OTI won the project to upgrade a data center's HVAC and Access Control systems, we partnered with Optigo Networks to create a resilient and flexible dedicated Operational Technology (OT) network. Optigo Connect™ completely separated these systems from the rest of the data center's network with a superb solution. Our joint performance on the first center was so impressive, the client asked Optigo Connect and OTI to replicate that success with three other data centers.

The problem

Complete separation of the HVAC and Access Control systems was necessary to keep these data centers in optimal condition. Creating a dedicated network can become expensive, though, and the design had to consider the needs for security and fault tolerance.

The solution

To connect the HVAC and Access Control systems to an advanced OT network, Optigo used a Passive Daisy Chain topology. This optimized the use of fiber and provided redundancy so that one point of failure does not affect the rest of the building network. Each server rack had a dedicated chiller that was individually connected and controlled for highly efficient, targeted cooling. With huge cable trays connecting the servers in the data center, Optigo's single line of fiber took up little room and was easily differentiable from the IT cabling. Optigo Connect's cutting-edge solution has these data centers safe, secure, and well-ventilated.

Designing high-performance, secure OT networks to improve business performance and peace-of-mind is core to the OTI mission. We are thrilled with how our partnership with Optigo Networks delivered on this, and look forward to more joint projects in the future.

Clint Bradford

Vice President of Project Operations, OTI