Torre Anseli

Why one developer in Mexico City continues to trust OTI
for Integrated Building Management Systems


One new construction


Mexico City, MX


1,900,000 Sq. Ft.


May 2014



Torre Anseli Mixed Use New Building

Fully integrated building management system

Torre Anseli is an ambitious mixed-use building project in Mexico City. The site includes a 22-story high rise office building with an offset, integrated 3-floor shopping center, and 12 floors of underground parking. In keeping with their tradition, the Grupo Cinsa construction and management firm wanted building operations management to be fully integrated. As with their recent Torre Diana project, Grupo Cinsa retained OTI for installation and programming of its Integrated Building Management System (IBMS).

These scalable and future-ready solutions stem from a philosophy on building with the full life of a building in mind. Selecting and implementing the right products for all applications in a harmonious way ensures secure and optimal efficiency for the long term.

The problem

With the new building construction, Grupo Cinsa wanted building operations management to be fully integrated using the best equipment available on the market today. Systems needed to be scalable and long lasting as the IoT evolves and expands. Since it was a new building construction, the IBMS needed to be installed before IT was available on premise. Other challenges include:

  • Very different work culture.
  • Lack of skilled workforce.
  • Finding a mechanical contractor with fiber experience.

The solution

Following the trusted OTI integration process, the team implemented the following solution for this new building management system:

  • Create an IBMS fiber backbone that includes HVAC control system, electrical power monitoring, access control, water, and a unified user experience for monitoring and control using standard web browser technologies.
  • Commissioning in stages allowed some tenants to occupy the building while further commissioning completed.
  • Integrated CCTV, HVAC and various other systems into the Optigo Networks infrastructure.