Protecting continuous data flow in an integrated building management system


One new construction


Mexico City, MX


1,900,000 Sq. Ft.


May 2014



Security for Continuous Data Transfer

Simplyfying security and connectivity

OTI is currently integrating a series of new building constructions in Mexico City for an ambitious developer and property manager. Most advanced controls today are IP-connected, and those IP addresses change frequently, so we needed an agile solution that would keep the building data secure without requiring an IP adress.

The problem

Having dedicated public IP addresses in Mexico is expensive, typically upwards of $500 per month. And changing IP addresses can be difficult for Cisco-type IT systems to handle. Adding a layer of complication, since OTI is a U.S.-based company, it needed secure, remote access to all of the building's control systems.

The solution

OTI used the TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock in our cloud environment to provide the highest level of secure VPN access for building data to transfer to the data center, which contains distributed servers for redundancy, failover and additional security measures. The TOSIBOX® Virtual Central Lock also allows for agility and scalability as building data grows with building occupancy.

Next, OTI used TOSIBOX® Lock 200s as endpoints for secure remote connections. Devices throughout the integrated building management system connect into the Lock 200s and can then be securely accessed over the Internet through a safe VPN.

Finally, TOSIBOX® Key 200s are used to complete the secure cycle of connection between building automation devices, computers and data centers. Benefits of this set up include:

  • Routine maintenance can now be done remotely, reducing transportation costs of sending OTI technicians to Mexico City.
  • OTI is providing the most secure solution available to clients.
  • Network availability and up-time has been excellent.

Before using TOSIBOX® products, we were sending technicians to Mexico City once or twice per quarter just for routine maintenance. Now we can do all of that remotely without exposing our client or their data to any security threats. The product line is versatile and up-time has been excellent.

Brian Turner

President, OTI